About Martin Soler at work, mainly

Currently a Hotel Marketing consultant in Paris, I work for WIHP, the leading company in online hotel marketing in Paris and possibly Europe. Before that I was a hotel director and ran Hotel Taylor in Paris for a few years. And even before that I was a marketing manager for a publisher.

I’ve been into marketing since 1990 and have loved it. Before the internet was a big deal I used to hobby around computers and hoped that one day it would become productive, since then Internet has become the marketing revolution.

And what is mirarmedia.com, well it is this site. It’s a place for me to share my thoughts, ideas, tips and experiences in the hospitality marketing industry. In my opinion, the day you stop looking and learning is the beginning of the end and the first sign of intelligence is to know that you don’t know. And here is why I called it mirar media: Mirar is catalan and spanish for looking so I thought it would be an appropriate name for a blog about the internet marketing.

A few of the projects of my latest projects have been:
- Pre-opening campaign of Seven Hotel Paris. Our company was selected by Philippe Vaurs to make Seven Hotel a big deal on the Paris market by the time of the opening. From designing the pre-website,  to the Social Media campaign and everything up to the opening. Currently the largest hotel opening in Paris and by far the biggest French hotel social media campaign. See the following article for more information on that campaign: http://www.hotelmarketingstrategies.com/martin-soler-hotel-7-facebook/

- “Branding” campaign for Hotel Taylor. Hotel Taylor was a lost hotel in the 10th district of Paris. A not very popular district even though within walking distance to the center. After the renovation of the hotel, the project was how to make it a known hotel. Off-line media campaign was launched in airline mags, online with pay-per-click ads and Social media, this included creating room packages to increase the experience. Result is a hotel running at 90% occupancy in a recession year with best turnover ever.

I’m not going to list them all. You can contact me for more information.

I believe hotels, no matter how small, require a great marketing campaign. Social media is the future for hotels and it’s logical, people want to know what others thought of the hotel, they want to interact with the hotel.

It’s our job to help the potential guests find the hotel they are searching for.