Review sites, the future?

Dec 29, 2010   //   by Martin Soler   //   article, Google, hotel trends, news, Tripadvisor  //  2 Comments

Google Places

If you want to start a heated discussion with an independent hotelier, talk to him about Tripadvisor. People either love it or hate it, and those that don’t do either, ignore it.

No doubt, hotel reviews on the internet has forced hotels to up their service level and care. In the past many could get away with mediocre service and mediocre rates. Now that’s not the case anymore, cheap or expensive, hotels need to service their customers and leave a great impression.

TripAdvisor's Logo

TripAdvisor's Logo

But what’s the future going to look like? Will we still have a single site directing so much of the public opinion? Well unlike sites like Google and Facebook that actually perform functions, Tripadvisor provides raw information. And many other sites provide similar information too.

This is where the future of hotel reviews (and other review sites as well) is likely to shift. For the end user, the best experience would be to have a glance on the hotel on a single page. Something similar to Google Places but with a better view.

And that’s where I think hotel reviews will go. Additionally, false reviews will not have such an impact on such a system since a single comment wont have such an impact.


  • I kind of agree with your post here Martin !

    I can see more users posting reviews directly on Google Places (especially if it is easier for Gmail users to do so) rather than going to TripAdvisor.

    So it is very possible that Google Places might usurp TripAdvisor’s role in the future.

    And I am watching Google Boost on Google Maps very keenly.

    As a hotelier, I would rather pay for Google Maps than Google Adwords on Search, especially since the price itself is the link to the booking page. I find that for many people, the price on Google Adwords Ad is not very visible and hence they do not take enough notice of it…


    • Thanks Mihir, and I think for the end user having an overview of a multitude of reviews sites rather than one dominating site will be much more valuable. Imagine having a single page with reviews culled from the entire internet, it’s much more helpful.

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